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Gary Rolih and others,

Can you explain what all is in the Sidings, Stations and Agents book? What year is your book? I'm hoping that it is similar to the Espee's SPINS (Southern Pacific Industrial Numbering System) books. The SPINS book identifies industries, switching zones, tracks, consignee loading and unloading spots. I sounds to me that this book might cover what I've been looking for. I'm interested in seeing the Winston-Salem District/R-Line aka. Punkin Vine.

Did anybody railfan the trains on the R-Line during the 2003 NWHS Convention? I'd like to know what runs on the line other than the Duke Coal, unit grain and Walkertown autoracks?

Speaking of the R-Line, the line relocation at Martinsville Speedway killed watching the trains during the races on TV. If any trains went by last weekend TV missed them!

Take care and thanks in advance,

John Hecker
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