Dry Fork Branch mid 70's

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There were many small coal camps between Iaeger and the West Virginia line
on the Dry fork. The major towns would have been Bradshaw, Bartley, War,
and Berwind. If you want to model the Jacobs Fork branch off of the Dry
Fork you can get to Bishop (Pocahontas Fuel Co No. 33). The Caretta Branch
will take you to Caretta and the Olga Coal Co. There was also a coal
operation at Amonate, VA (Pocahontas Fuel Co No. 32)and B

By 1975 many of the larger coal companies had sold out as it was beginning
to be uneconomical to mine smaller seams of coal.

Coal companies along the Dry Fork in 1975 that operated over 200 days

Bishop Coal Co operating mines No. 33, 36 and 37 at Bishop (formerly
Pocahontas Fuel Co)
D&J Coal Corporation operating Mine No. B-2 at Bradshaw (8 employees
operated 160 days)
Hawley Coal Co operating MIne No. 6 at Beartown
Olga Coal Co operated Road Fork No. 1, War Creek No. 5 and Caretta No. 4 at
Pocahontas Fuel operated Beech Fork Mine at Amonate

Bishop Coal Co, Olga Coal Co and Pocahontas Fuel would have had large

Most of the trains on the branch woud have been coal trains with ocassional
deliveries of mine timbers, fuel oil or other petroleum products, occasional
boxcars of mining supplies or other types of machinery. By 1975 the company
stores were all closed so there was no delivery of store supplies.

Alex Schust

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> Hello List,


> I am looking for information on what type of traffic that was common on

> the branch during the mid 1970's period, coal trains, mixed freights or

> locals etc.


> Suggestions as to what were the major tipples and towns along the line

> would be greatly appreciated.


> Many thanks,


> Stephen O'Brien

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