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Hi Skip;

A tender booster is similar to a trailing truck booster. It adds more tractive effort at low speeds. It consists of a pair of steam cylinders geared to one axle of a tender truck, with some sort of transmission (often side rods) connecting the other axle(s) of the truck. The particular Y-3 locomotives were used for heavy switching. The downside of the tender booster is that it tractive effort depends on the weight of water and coal in the tender.

Some of the P&WV 2-6-6-4 locomotives had tender boosters, as did the IHB 0-8-0, and many others.

Nigel F Misso

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While looking through the collection of photos in the Virginia Tech collection, I ran across two photos of a N&W Y-3 that had a significant amount of piping between the locomotive and tender. One photo has the notation "Application of Bethlehem Tender Booster 5-19-27." I have never heard of a tender booster and wonder if someone can provide an explanation.

The photos are found at http://spec.lib.vt.edu/imagebase/norfolksouthern/full/ns966.jpeg
and ....ns965.

Skip Chamberlayne


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