Y2 and Y3 Tender Booster

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Dear Skip,

The tender booster was a way to improve engine's tractive effort. These
devices were used mainly for engines in pusher service or engine yards,
shifting long cuts of coal cars.

Accordingly to Jeffries N&W "Bible" (N&W Giant of Steam), with the
advent of the new Y5, some old Y2 were dawngraded to pusher and yard

In the 30's, N&W fited 2 Frankin tender booster (one of each tender
truck) to Y2 # 1702, 1706 and 1714, it also fited engines 1717 and 1720
each with one Bethlem tender booster. You picture shows the only Y3 so

The device was not comon, but some other enginer were also tender
booster equiped, as I can remember at least one of Erie's Berkshire
(2-8-4) was fited, another one was the A weel arrangement type, the
Pittsburgh & West Virginia firsts 2-6-6-4 engines # 1100-1102 (BLI 1934)
the last one I remember is the Indiana Belt 0-8-0 (You can find it in
the Rivarossi's HO sacale model).

Engine trailing truck booster was by far more comon. N&W J # 604, the
Erie's Berkshires, PRR Texas, NYC Hudsons and Mowhalk, justo to name a
few were so fited.

The aditional piping and higher maitenance ocsts put an end to the
tender booster experiments.

railfully regardas,

Luiz Saraiva
an N&W fan from Brazil!

nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org wrote:

> While looking through the collection of photos in the Virginia Tech

> collection, I ran across two photos of a N&W Y-3 that had a

> significant amount of piping between the locomotive and tender. One

> photo has the notation "Application of Bethlehem Tender Booster

> 5-19-27." I have never heard of a tender booster and wonder if

> someone can provide an explanation.


> The photos are found at

> http://spec.lib.vt.edu/imagebase/norfolksouthern/full/ns966.jpeg

> and ....ns965.


> Skip Chamberlayne





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