NW-Mailing-List Digest, Vol 20, Issue 9

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Mon Oct 10 12:57:15 EDT 2005

Good Afternoon Listers,

Two interesting facts that might be of some interest to many readers:

Of all of the many paid trips I made on the 611 as Pilot Engineer on the
Columbus District of the Scioto Division from Portsmouth to Columbus and a
few trips to Bellevue, Ohio. I was paid at the rate of 494,000 pounds
Weight-On-Drivers which was in fact the total engine wt.. The actual Wt. On
Drivers was 288,000 pounds.

When I worked as Pilot Engineer on A No. 1218, I was paid Wt-On-Drivers of
582,900 pounds which was the actual engine wt. where it should have been
522,850 pounds, the actual Wt-On-Drivers.

The pay department never did catch this mistake and correct it. And I was
not about to make any comments on the incorrect figures as I wasn't about to
cut my pay.

And I believe that pulling power had just as much to do with the quality of
the roadbed the other factors such as FOA. The N&W road bed in steam days
was superior to the vast majority of others and that they did not need to
claim or quote such high FOA's.

Tom "N&W" Dressler, Ret. N&W Engineers Columbus District, Scioto Division.

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