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> Hi List Members,


>     A few day ago I asked these questions on the modeling list and

> didn't get any responses so I'll ask them here.  I'm working on

> SD45 N&W #1801 as it was in the 80's.


>     1)  Which direction do the three chimes face on the Leslie 5 chime

> horn (short or long hood)? 

Without my reference handy, since the long hood end was designated the
front, I suspect the three chimes normally faced that way.


>     2)  I need to know the location of the "Firecracker" antenna on

> the short hood?



>     New questions about Maroon N&W #6175 SD40-2.  I only have photos

> of the left (short hood to left when looking at the photos). 


>     1)  Is there a sunshade on the opposite side or a all weather

> window?


>     2)  Is it true that one side had the NW lettering in white?

No, the 8010 had a sample lettering design with dulux gold on one end
and side, and white on the other end and side.

Ken Miller


> Thank you in advance.


>     Take care, John Hecker

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