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I'll have to take a look at my pics for the info you need for 1801. The
Leslie 5 chime horn has the three chimes facing the long hood. I have a photo of
every N&W SD-45 including No. 1728 with both a high hood and later with a short
hood. The original No. 1730 was involved in a derailment. She fell off of a
bridge and was destroyed. With the NW/SOU merger, SD-45 No. 1733 was renumbered
as No. 1730 to make room for the "River Street Rambler" which was also
numbered 1733.

No. 6175 has a sunshade on the fireman's side and an all weather window on
the engineers side - long hood forward. No. 6175 was lettered Dulux Gold while
red and wasn't painted with white lettering until it received the black NW
scheme. You may be thinking of C30-7 No. 8072 which was lettered Dulux Gold on one
end and and side, and white on the other end and side.


Richard D. Shell
Troutville, VA
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