Did 1218 descend Saluda Grade?

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It's my understanding that the vertical curves on Saluda grade would've been
too much for the tolerances on the hinge connection between the front and
rear engines on 1218 and that's one reason why it never ran there. Also,
remember that 1218 was out of service after the 1991 season and NS didn't
allow 611 on the grade until 1992. Ed Painter...help me out with this!

Al Evans

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>How will you see 1218 on Saluda? She never traversed the "hill." Now 611

>and 4501 both did in excursion service, in fact 611 did it 3 times and all

>are documented by American AltaVista.


>Jason Greene

>Cumming, GA

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>>I will be getting "Assault on Ashville" video soon from Berkshire

>>Videography. Do you know what the video # for "Assault on Ashville?" I


>>be able to see the 1218 at Saluda Grade either w/ 611 or NKP 587. You can

>>also see the 1218 on "Independence Limited '89" at Roanoke, Va.


>> From Mark Grady

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