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Probably the only other N&W consist I have is from
"The Lady Bird Special" which operated Petersburg -
Norfolk - Suffolk - ACL in October, 1962.  It isn't
handy, but I'll try to retrieve it.

Harry Bundy

June 19, 2005

Hello, Harry:

I believe the Lady Bird Special was in October 1964,
not 1962.  I was in the George Washington High School
marching band that shivered at 7 AM or so, waiting to
play on the grassy hill at Alexandria station.  She
was on the campaign trail on behalf of LBJ.  I never
was sure what route the train took after departing
Alexandria, so I suppose it went via RF&P-ACL to
Petersburg.  I wonder if it pulled into Broad Street
Station at Richmond, or just went directly south at

Whenever you find it, the consist will be interesting
to look at!

Good morning,


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