O. Winston Link N&W Y 2190 at Gilbert, WV

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Wed Jun 15 09:32:13 EDT 2005

My rivet counting tendencies are taking over here.  In
NW2221 the exhaust is vertical and white.  In the 2nd
Pigeon cover photo, the smoke is dark and drifting to
the left.  So the cover must be a different negative
number.  The data base I have indicates that the
colorized cover was developed using NW2222.  How good
that source is, I can't say.

Dave Stephenson

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> Jerry
> This photo of 2190 is negative 2221 from a series of
> negatives numbered 
> 2212-2223. These were all black and white 120
> negatives. Link shot with 
> the Rolleflex. He was NOT shooting color in any form
> at this time, the 
> main purpose of this trip on March 16, 1960 was to
> do recording of the 
> last steam in operation, not photography. Link did
> not shoot color 
> negative film, only color transparencies. Link did
> shoot a number of 
> shots with the Rolleiflex, several previously
> unpublished can be seen 
> in the CD booklet at part of the box set, taken on
> this day.
> The album cover for 2nd Pigeon and the Mockingbird
> was colorized, by 
> Dod Pomerhn in 1961, a close examination of the
> cover will prove this 
> is color overlaid in the era long before photoshop.
> Ken Miller

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