O. Winston Link N&W Y 2190 at Gilbert, WV

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This is the caption used for the photo at the Matewan Depot Museum

Time Draws Nigh on simmering Y6b 2-8-8-2 #2190, caught in an O. Winston  
Link classic on March 16, 1960.  In less than two months, it boiler  
would be as cold as the icicles clinging to the cliffs at the Ben Creek  
No. 1 operation of the Massey Coal Mining Co.  Originally the Gay  
Mining Co. at Timbar, it is fitting that this picture was taken at   
Massey Energy's "mother" property in the Tug Valley coalfields.

Ken Miller
On Jun 13, 2005, at 10:20 PM, nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org wrote:

> Trying to locate where the O. Winston Link image on page 117 of  
> "Steam, Steel & Stars" was taken. Image is a daylight shot of Y 2190  
> with what I assume to be mine equipment on the ridge in the  
> background. Lots of black smoke(!) and icicles. A colorized version of  
> the image was used on the OWL LP "2nd Pigeon and the Mocking Bird".  
> Supposed to be at/near the Massey Mine, near/at Gilbert WV (Warncliffe  
> Shifter). Image was take in March 1960.
> Anybody have better details of where this shot was taken??
> Found a small online version of image at the following URL:
> http://www.perichgallery.com/perichgallery/Images/Image.aspx? 
> ImageID=1933
> Roger Link
> linkr at vt.edu
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