Whistles at Altapass, NC

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Tue May 17 19:06:00 EDT 2005

The last Clincfield steam engine passed thru Altapass,
NC in 1954. Altapass is the highest point on the old
Clinchfield main line.
On Saturday, May 21, from Noon until 330pm, the
wonderful, lonesome sounds of steam whistles will once
again echo thru Altapass. 

The Orchard at Altapass (located at mile marker 328.3
on the Parkway) will host this event. Mr Lee Alley of
Bristol will be on hand with his one-of-a kind
''whizzle blowing machine.''  Mr Alley will have
several whistles on hand. Of special interest will be
the FT Nichols whistle, once used on the Virginia
Creeper Line. This whistle was recorded by O Winston
Link for his "Fading Giant" Album. It is a truly
beautiful, unique historical treasure.
Anyone with steam whistles, large or small, is
encouraged to bring those whistles for a blast.
The Orchard overlooks the old Clincfield loops, so
this is an ideal location to spark some old memories.
Come on out for a blast from the past. 
 Thanks, Jason Hollifield    

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