Who Pulled the Strings on the Classification of Tidewater Coal?

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    Yep, it was like dispatchers' dodgeball.  Same is true with getting the empties back.  Woe be unto the one that stuck a flexivan or UPS train!  That diamond required constant welding, at least twice a week.  It was $80,000+ per diamond every time it was changed out, too.  Even busier now, at least on the east-west mains.  Still, I am fascinated with a 1000 Foot laker pivoting in the turning bay.  Always wanted to take that 3-day roundtrip to Hamilton, Ontario but never got to.  Vessel Henry Griffith made that trip a lot...I wonder if it still does?  Even if you got permission from the ships' owners, it was still up to the captain.     Don    
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  The amazing part about the Sandusky  operation was the method of getting the
  coal from the yard to the pier -- by shoving the cut across (at one time) NYC's
  four-track main line.
                                                                Harry Bundy


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