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> While there are plenty of N&W photos taken of Blue Ridge station, few were
> actually taken by Winston Link during the late 50's.
> The O. Winston link Museum now has ONE in it's collection as of this
month - which has not
> been seen before - NW 2078.
>  This image was taken from a freight train, powered by a Class Y6b  steam
> locomotive,  of Blue Ridge station - while Winston was doing his
recordings of steam
> sounds for "Mainline to Panther".

David Helmer

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> > >Blue Ridge is located at the 246 milepost east of Roanoke.  The actual
> station site is accessible just off of Rt. 460 via Rt. 608, not sure of
> exact road name.  Just before the road goes underneath the tracks, there
> a gravel road that climbs upward to the left.   At the top of the hill is
> where the Blue Ridge depot was located.
> >
> > This came up last fall on the RoanokeRailfan list and I snagged these
> directions:
> >
> > I stopped in there [Blue Ridge Station] on Sunday evening on my way back
> from dropping off #1 son at Lynchburg College.  There is a sign by the
> for Adams Asphalt and the road is named Healing Springs Road (and look for
> the Va. 805 signs that indicate the location of the intersection).  With
> leaves on the trees, you don't see the railroad overpass, but there are
> clearance signs that let you know you are getting close.  The "road" to
> station site starts in a wide spot on the left, climbs steeply at the top,
> then crosses a spur track into the quarry.  The tracks seen in the
> photo still exist and it is apparent where the actual station building
> stood.  It took a short stroll along the siding to find the westbound
> signal; it is around a curve to the left and can't be seen when there are
> leaves on the trees.  There is a companion eastbound signal adjacent to
> westbound one; both are still N&W color-position signals.
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