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I love those old rail lines abandoned or otherwise.  It is so sad, yet so thrilling to walk the route of bye gone trains.  
We are losing so much so fast.  The Marion & Rye Valley sure sounds like one of those great hikes.  
While documenting the Peavine signals, I photographed everything in between.  There are some areas I have not gotten into, YET!  But hope to SOON!
It is important to document what is left of the gone routes, perhaps the same angle and spot as a photo in a book or magazine.  I did such a shot of some Pennsy signals in the 50's west of Mariemont, Ohio.  I got a book, Pennsy in Cincinnati this year, and there was this shot of a Pennsy train at Red Bank heading towards Clare with the BIG N&W trestle high above.  A shot I took some 3 years earlier was almost identical.  Talk about  thrills and chills.  
Hope to read about your trip in the Arrow some time.    

Jeff Wood
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