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Thanks, guys.

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At 11:57 PM -0500 3/25/05, Jeff wrote:
>Blue Ridge is located at the 246 milepost east of Roanoke.  The actual
station site is accessible just off of Rt. 460 via Rt. 608, not sure of the
exact road name.  Just before the road goes underneath the tracks, there is
a gravel road that climbs upward to the left.   At the top of the hill is
where the Blue Ridge depot was located.

This came up last fall on the RoanokeRailfan list and I snagged these

I stopped in there [Blue Ridge Station] on Sunday evening on my way back
from dropping off #1 son at Lynchburg College.  There is a sign by the road
for Adams Asphalt and the road is named Healing Springs Road (and look for
the Va. 805 signs that indicate the location of the intersection).  With
leaves on the trees, you don't see the railroad overpass, but there are
clearance signs that let you know you are getting close.  The "road" to the
station site starts in a wide spot on the left, climbs steeply at the top,
then crosses a spur track into the quarry.  The tracks seen in the _Trains_
photo still exist and it is apparent where the actual station building
stood.  It took a short stroll along the siding to find the westbound
signal; it is around a curve to the left and can't be seen when there are
leaves on the trees.  There is a companion eastbound signal adjacent to the
westbound one; both are still N&W color-position signals.

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