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Early 1960s N&W employee timetables (just after the VGN merger) show No. 71 and 72 operating between DB Tower (Deepwater Bridge Tower) and So. Norfolk Tower.

Gordon Hamilton
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  Where were trains 71 and 72 located?  Before the merger with the Virginian Railway, N&W trains 71 and 72 were local freight between Lynchburg and Durham. After the merger, the Durham District trains were renumbered 47 and 48 so not to be confused with the VGN 71 and 72.  I'm still on the steep part of the learning curve when it comes to Virginian Railway history.

  Chuck Stewart
  Bahama, NC

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    Those VGN nuts are going to lay you low for this.  EL2b's were 125 etc re numbered to 225 etc.

    They lasted until the last.  When I left in 1964 they were frequent power on 71 and 72.



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