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An oversight on my part -- N&W timetables issued after the VGN  merger
did not show a schedule for Nos. 71-72.  Still, there was an  arranged time
freight service Roanoke - Norfolk via the Altavista and Jarratt  Districts --
hauled with FM units and staffed with VGN crews.  Operators  (myself
included) kept referring to the eastbound extra, for example, as  "72".  This
was a holdover from VGN times -- and it was a dangerous practice.  
An interesting revelation found in N&W Norfolk Div. TT #19 (effective  
Nos. 84-86 operated from Shaffers Crossing through the Tinker Creek
connection to the Altavista District and then to the Abilene Connection  
resuming the trip to Norfolk on the Blue Ridge District.
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