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Hello, all:

There is some good news below for funding at several
rail-related museums and historic sites listed below.

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Virginia Association of Museums
February 28, 2005

From: "Margo Carlock" <mcarlock at vamuseums.org>

Session Ends

The 2005 General Assembly session formally adjourned
on Sunday, February 27 – one day late.  There was a
delay in finalizing the revised biennium budget, with
disagreement over funding of the Virginia Horse Center
and a new tunnel under the Capitol grounds forcing the
one-day extension.  

The increase in budget revenue allowed the General
Assembly to be more generous with nonstate agency
organizations, including museums, then in the past few
years.  Total nonstate agency funding amounted to
$30,644,749.  Below are those amounts for cultural
organizations, which made up the bulk of these grants:

Beaverdam Heritage Days Foundation                    
Fairfax Station Railroad Museum                       
Friends of the Fairfax Station                        
Lee Hall Train Depot                                  
Railroad Museum – Chatham(Pittsylvania Hist.Soc,)     

Railroad Museum of Virginia                           
Trevillian Station Battlefield Foundation             
Virginia Museum of Transportation                     

Bills of Interest – Passed



HB 2079 Historic Preservation & Museum Assistance
Grant Program & Fund

Patron – Van Landingham     Creates the Historic
Preservation and Museum Assistance Grant Program and
Fund within the Department of Historic Resources.  The
source of funding for the Fund will be from gifts,
donations, grants, bequests, and other funds as may be
appropriated.  The Program will administer the Fund in
order to provide grants to nonprofit organizations,
localities, business entities, and individuals for the
purpose of i)acquiring, rehabilitating, restoring, or
interpreting historic properties; ii)financing costs
and specifications, and architectural, engineering or
other special services; or iii)funding historic
preservation education and promotion, including the
research, survey, and evaluation of historic
properties and the preparation of historic
preservation planning documents and educational


HB 2803 Abandoned Loans to Museums

Patron – Clifford L. Athey, Jr.      Allows property
given to a museum where, in effect, it has been
abandoned, to be discarded or transferred to another
Virginia museum; however such property may not be sold
by the recipient museum for a period of three years.  

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