Big Boy Revival

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I believe Jason is right. I sent this article to a friend of mine who is knowledgable about UP. The figure for restoration, he believes, is underestimated since there are NO parts available, so everything and anything that would be needed would have to be machined. In his humble opinion, the only people who could pull this off would be the UP Steam program and at a UP Society annual meeting he attended a while back, the head of the program said NO WAY that a big boy would run again, even though 4018 would be the likely candidate. It ONLY took  UP, with a fully running steam program,  6 years to get their 4-8-4 running again after someone was slightly scalded by steam and they decided to rebuild.
MY humble insight.
John Lisica
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  I do not think this is a current article. The movie was to be produced several years ago, and the funding feel through. Plus the article says $3 million? That's awfully high even if it is a Big Boy, but the caption says only a few parts need to be replaced? Full rebuilds of engines including the boilers are being done for $1 million.

  Jason Greene
  Dahlonega, GA
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    OK, this is not about N&W but I thought mailing list members would be interested.  A planned movie will feature Big Boy 4018, which will be restored for $ 3 million.  The story may be read at:

    Jerry Crosson


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