Boyce station history --a small omission

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Wed Feb 16 14:38:01 EST 2005

Hello, Mason:

I realized I forgot to add the date for the second 
N&W land transaction involving two parcels.  That
closing was on November 26, 1912.  So, the total
period for acquiring land for the present station was
at least six months.  Site preparation including
regrading and digging for the foundations may have
commenced in December 1912, with building completion
by mid-1913.

I also appreciate your compliment about progress in
restoring the building.  Two major projects are
planned for 2005.  Paul Carter Painting of Winchester
will pressure-wash, patch, prime, and paint the
station and pump house roofs by May.  Later in the
year, new copper pipe will be installed to revitalize
the toilet facilities.  I also plan to finish the
exterior white painting and start on applying the
green trim paint.  The green trim may not be finished
until 2005, as well as interior ceiling patching and
painting.  I hope that you and other N&W HS folks will
stop by when in the neighborhood.

Good afternoon,


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