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Hey, Dan!

That was my second GTO.  I had a '64 hardtop, too.  Three deuces, four
speed, Positraction on both of them.  The '64 had the higher gearing, and
the speedometer needle would wrap all the way around and point straight at
the floor.

I had to haul a full crew in the '66 back from Edwardsville, Ill. to
Decatur, one night.  Had a student brakeman, too, and the engineer weighed
400 pounds.  That was seven of us in that thing.  The drive shaft would hit
on the body pan if I went too fast in dips.  But it made it without bending
or breaking anything . . .  Felt like one of those circus VWs that would
have fifteen clowns pop out of it . . .

God was kind to me.  Many times . . .

Thanks for the kind words!

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> RE: Ed King's message on driving Mr Fishwick and Claytor. I knew there was
> something I liked about Ed King when he wrote that article for "TRAINS"
> about how so many roads threw their money away running high wheeled super
> power up and down mountains at a lot less than their effective speed. Now
> see he had a 1966 GTO. From a fellow former "goat" owner, what an
> automobile!
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