A question about waybills, switch lists and other paperwork.

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I was always interested in the "paperwork" aspect of railroading, as well as the role of the station agent.  It seems to me that a lot of us know very little about how this was done for real, as most of us have never worked on the prototype railroad and our experience is limited, and perhaps skewed, from what we have learned as modelers.

Just what did the conductor do on a freight train?  Certainly, he did more than ride in the caboose!  And just what were the responsibilities of the station agent?  He didn't just selll tickets to passenger trains.

I think this would make for a very interesting series of articles for the Arrow from those who are in the know on these matters.  In today's world of fax machines, e-mail and cellphones, the folks who did formerly did these jobs "the old fashion way" have a wealth of information that will be lost unless it is preserved.

Just my thoughts.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD
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  Mr. Corbin,

  Thank you for your information on waybills.  I would like to know more and will contact you off the mailing list. 

  Chuck Stewart.


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