A question about waybills, switch lists and other paperwork.

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A form regularly filed with the governing agent was the "Blind Siding  
At sidings where no agent was stationed, the conductor would complete
a form showing  initial and number for cars set out and picked up  AND
would list cars currently on the track.  The governing agent utilized  this
data for demurrage records.
Switch lists have previously been explained.  It is, among other  things, a
barometer of time involved in classifying a track.  A track may  involve
just one or two switches OR it may require "one-for-one" switching,  pushing
loaded placard cars to a coupling, etc.   There's many a moniker  in use on
the railroad.  On the Decatur Division, a crew sent to relieve a train  tied 
on the Hours of Service Law is known as a "Bear Crew".  On  Detroit Terminal,
the switch list is known as a "dinger".   The yardmaster  estimates the switch
time by the way the "dinger" stands.
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