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For anybody who cares,
Marion Virginia is losing another industrial switch.  It hasn't been used for about 15 years anyway except when M of W crews would tie up their machinery there.  The switch was installed a very long time ago, and is listed on the oldest track chart I have, so I don't know how old it really is.  It was used by the Ellis Quarry for many years until the Interstate came through and took the quarry.  Afterwards part of the old siding was used by Brunswick Corporation to load various nosecone components onto railcars.  After 1989 they quit using it altogether.
A few weeks ago a semi truck got hung on the railroad crossing going into the former Brunswick facility now owned by General Dynamics.  Before they had time to notify NS that the tracks were blocked an intermodal westbound freight collided with the truck and in the process totalled the switch, which has since been clamped shut.
A few days ago NS unloaded rail and ties in preparation to take the switch completely out.
Another one bites the dust...
(Thanks to Gary Price for providing info for this post.)
Ben Blevins

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