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Subject:  How Many Loco "Builder's Cards" Did N&W

We have all seen those 4 x 10" cards that the N&W
published, with photos of its engines.  Some had
statistics printed on the back.  Some were
photographic prints and some were printed by "letter
press" (a screened image done on a printing press.)
Has anyone ever catalogued how many of these
"builder's cards" were issued?
Here's a list of what I have.  Does anyone know if
there were more?
1.  2092, blue letter press print stating on the front
"On exhibit at Roanoke, May 5, 1934."
2.  2197, photographic print
3.  1238, photographic print
4.  125 (streamlined,) photographic print
5.  600 (streamlined,) photographic print; also issued
as a color letter press blotter
6.  201, letter press
7.  2300, letter press
I think there was also a "builder's card" of a box car
And one final question...  Any idea why all the photos
are of the left sides of engines, instead of the right
-- abram burnett

January 11, 2005

Hello, Abram:

Regarding the photographs, the N&W's company
photographer may have had a preferred location that
was sunny on good days, just beyond a turntable. 
Also, builder's shots had to have good lighting on the
front of an engine as well as a side.  That might have
dictated that all locomotives be positioned in the
same direction with rods down.

Just a guess,  

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