A question about waybills, switch lists and other paperwork.

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Sun Jan 9 22:52:30 EST 2005

I am curious about the daily business of running a  railroad.  I hope that 
the members of the mailing list will shed some  light on the use of waybills, 
switch lists and other paperwork need to move  freight.
In the 1950s local freight No 71 left Lynchburg traveling south to Durham,  a 
distance of 117.11 miles.  According to the time tables after  the wye at 
Durmid outside of Lynchburg there were 18 stations before  the wye at Durham, 
most of them flag stops.  In addition there were a  number of industrial sidings 
that also required servicing.  Train 71  left the Island Yard on a trip that 
was scheduled to take about 8  hours.  How were waybills, switch lists and 
other paperwork handled in  the setting out and picking up of cars along this 
C E Stewart
Bahama, NC
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