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I have a timetable that specifies some passenger train
stops as flag stops. Does this mean they only stopped
if an agent had a flag out, or does it mean the train
would block a crossing and someone would have to flag

I didn't realize how many stations were on the Dry
Fork branch!  Just another benefit of model
railroading is the excitement that comes
with discovery of some new prototypical bit of

Leslie Eversole
Dry Fork Branch Aficionado
40's and 50's

January 9, 2004

Hello, Leslie:

At flag stop stations where an agent was on-duty at
the time of the train. the agent would use a green and
white flag by day and green and white lights by night
to stop a train to receive passengers.  If there was
no agent, a hand motion to the train to stop was
acceptable from a trackside passenger.

If there was a passenger on the train who wanted to
get off at the flag stop, notice to the conductor
before reaching the station was needed to stop the

Hope this helps, from Boyce which was a flag stop for
trains 1 and 2....

Happy new year to all!

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