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Basic City will be alive - on January 21, 2005, as the O Winston Link 
Museum - will reenact the FIRST photo Winston Link made - some 50 years ago 
in Waynesboro, VA. The area will be lighted for public night photography.

A reception will be held that evening at the Basic United Methodist Church 
- beginning around 6:30 pm. The actual photo shoot will begin at 8 pm, with 
the NS business car train - playing the role of  N&W train #2 - which was 
en-route to New York from Roanoke at the time. There will be a modest 
charge to attend and participate in the event.

David G Helmer

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Well, I know of only a watering can (C&O) that survived. He will not let 
that go. Believe me, I've tried. It was torn down before I remember that 
area (i'm only 19) and I am not familiar with who got what. I do not know 
the boundary. To me, Basic City is a small subdivision in the outskirts of 
Waynesboro. Today, I do not think Basic City is even recognized.

-Robert Lent
Advertising Chairman
Augusta County Railroad Museum
Waynesboro, Virginia

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