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On August 28, 1954, the last N&W passenger train, Nos. 36, ran  from Durham 
to Lynchburg.  After that date N&W promised the NC  State Utilities Commission 
that Express Mail and passenger service between the  cities would be provided 
on freight trains Nos. 75 and 76 on a daily  basis. In the timetable dated 
April 26, 1959, Table no. 1, this service is  not listed.  The time table states 
"Tickets reading from or to these  points via Norfolk and Western Railway 
Company will be honored via Virginia  Stage Lines, Inc.".  Can someone direct me 
to where I might find the  following information:
1. When was passenger service on trains 75 and 76 discontinued?
2. What type of passenger cars were used with 75 and 76?
3. What type of passenger cars were used in service on trains 35 and  36?  I 
know that this was a more lightly traveled route and was subject to  receiving 
older equipment.  The peak of the passenger service was just  before and 
during WWII.  The cars were advertised as being air-conditioned,  but you had to 
bring your own lunch.  
Thank you, 
Chuck Stewart
Bahama, NC
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