1218 drawings needed

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I'll agree with you. In case you weren't aware, there's a Virginian 2-8-4 
available at train-sim.com and someone is doing the J for MSTS and is in the 
beta testing phase now. At present, I'm doing beta testing on a route that 
covers the Pocahontas Division (with the exception of the CV District). The 
developer hopes to have the route available by Christmas. He's done an 
incredible job and it's as good as payware routes, if not better!

Allen Evans

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>I look forward to this. Tell me, how much will it cost to get this "mod" 
>for MS Train Sim? I am tired of running British steam and American diesels. 
>I want to run something I LIKE.. and 1218 would fit the bill nicely
>Bob Welsh
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>   I posted that message several weeks ago. I don't know why it took so 
>long to reach the bulletin board. In the meantime, my son has completed the 
>model and is working with the files in Microsoft Train Simulator to import 
>it. He's had some trouble getting it into the game, but he's made numerous 
>mods for Command and Conquer and I'm sure he'll succeed here as well. I 
>sent him a video that I made when 1218 was being towed to the VMT for 
>display, showing the movement of the rods and cylinders. That should give 
>him enough information to get an accurate animation of the wheels in the 
>game. I'll let you know when he has it finished and where it can be 
>   Wayne McKinney
>   Quality Connection Staff
>   Roanoke Locomotive Shop
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>     Is that drawing in the Model Railroader big book of Steam locomotives. 
>I think it is $50, but has HO scale drawings in it.
>     I have a side drawing of the J with dimensions, and might have 
>something in my library, but it would be a while before I could check.
>     Keep us posted how this is going!
>     Robert Lent
>     Advertising Chairman
>     Augusta Ccounty Railroad Museum
>     Waynesboro, Virginia
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>       All,
>       My son is a very good computer 3d modeler. He has decided to build a 
>3d model of 1218. With a little work, this model could be imported into 
>"TRAINZ" or Microsoft "Train Simulator," if you have those programs. 
>Anyway, I've sent him several of my photos, but accurate side, top and 
>front drawings would be very helpful to complete the model. I am hoping 
>that some of you may have digital versions of such drawings and would be 
>interested in helping him complete the model. I'm sure he would post it for 
>download in return.
>       If anyone has any drawings and would be willing to share them, 
>contact me and I will send you his Email.
>       Thanks,
>       Wayne McKinney
>       Quality Connection Staff
>       Roanoke Locomotive Shop
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