Dog Houses upon Tenders

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Sun Oct 24 19:06:08 EDT 2004

My son the Hog Head stops by every trip on his way to work and we have big 
discussions about Ray-Roadin'  (as Tony Ingram used to call it.)

Today he asked me about the advent of dog houses (brakeman's cupolas) on 
tanks, and what were the first engines to have them.

I came up dry for an informed answer, but conjectured that they probably 
appeared shortly after the advent of stokers, the stoker having given the fireman 
more time to sit upon the cusions (and the brakeman less time to sit 
thereupon.)  Therefore, I speculated, dog houses were probably first applied to the 
class Z's.

How far did I miss the mark, Gentlemen?

Oh... Logan also wants to know if any other roads, besides the N&W and PRR, 
used dog houses ?

-- abram burnett,
         (oblast of new cumberland, 
               imperial province of pennsylvania)

Spasi Hospodi l'udi Tvoja, I blahoslovi dostojanije Tvoje.
Ko Teb'i, Hospodi, vozzovu; Bozhe moj, do ne premolchishi ot mene.

Prokeimenon of the Divine Liturgy for the Sunday before Theophany, 
                      in Old Church Slavonic
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