Central RailRoad of Virginia Passenger Car

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My guess about the cast-on markings on the pedastal jaws in the photos are that the shield with the lettter "G" indicates General Steel Casings, the castings company that produced the pedestal jaw casting; that 21779-1 is the pattern number of the pedestal jaw casting; and that PS1325 is a designator used by the foundry to indicate something like a pour number or casting lot and the particular foundry where it was cast.  This latter would provide a means of indentifying castings that might need to be remove from service if a number of sevice failures indicates that all other casings with the same metalurgy or heat treating should removed from service also.

I think it is unlikely that the wheels would have been marked with the car owner i.d. because wheels were subject to being changed out many times over the life of the car.  Wheels are normally marked only with the wheel manufacturer's i.d.

One reason that freight car trucks had the owner's marks cast on them in earlier years was so the right trucks could get back under the proper cars following a derailment in which trucks and car bodies when in every which direction.

Gordon Hamilton

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  Usually the railroad reporting mark abbreviation is on there somewhere (i.e. DMIR).  I know I have seen this on old freight cars, but I don't normally look at passenger car trucks.  Also, it's been awhile, and I'm old, so I forget exactly where to look, but I am thinking this is on the wheels rather than the trucks.  For a old car, especially one out of service in a museum or on display, all the markings might not agree, due to the need to use whatever salvage parts can be found to replace missing parts.

  John Simmons
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    It was suggested that the stampings on the car trucks would give a clue to its identity.
    So here they are.  Hopefully someone can ID this car. Even if it's not what it appears to be.

    Ron Wilkinson


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