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Unfortunately, at the time, I was so focused on photographing the signals that I didn't concentrate on hardly anything else.  I did happen to notice the VGN herald bleeding through the paint, so I snapped a shot of it before I climbed on the gon to photograph the scrap piled in it.  I have those slides archived in my signal information.  I have been scanning my slides this week, so I thought I'd share it with you folks.  And no, I didn't think to photograph the whole car.  I do believe though that it had an N&W hamburger herald on the other end of the car, but I can't be sure.  I will include that it was photographed at the Max Meadows siding on November 15th, 1996, along with three other gons of color position signal scrap.
Ben Blevins

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Very interesting, because it also looks like this gon had been re-lettered for N&W at one point (you can see that the road name ends in "ERN").  There is also some class and other data lettering that appears to have been painted over top of the VGN herald.  Is this a case of the newer paint peeling off and exposing the older VGN herald underneath?
After thinking about it a bit more, it looks like somebody just didn't bother to paint that panel when the car was painted last.  Maybe they thought it would be nice to leave the VGN herald for nostalgia.   Anybody have an explanation? Too bad we don't have a photo of the whole car.
John Simmons
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Once upon a time there was someone out there in N&W land who wanted to see this photo.  I can't remember who it was not.  Anyway, I have attached it here for the viewing pleasure of anyone interested.
It was taken October 1996, and features a Virginian gondola that was still in service at the time.  It had a load of signal scrap in it from the Pulaski District.  The equipment came from the section between Pulaski and Wytheville.  
Ben Blevins

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