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    About Jack Showalter - his engines  rolling stock have been "living" in
Staunton, VA since that single season of excursions between Charlottesville
& Clifton Forge back in the mid-90's. The equipment is soon to decamp to the
Science Museum of VA as the sidings in Staunton will be used for other
purposes when the Buckingham Branch RR takes over operations between
Richmond/Ashland & Clifton Forge in December. It is hoped that having the
equipment on display @ the Science Museum will help generate interest in an
excursion line . . . somewhere in VA.

    The move will pass through Charlottesville though on what date remains
to be seen.

Howard Parsons
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  Ron, that is one ugly car!  Where did you find it?  Sombody (not me) needs
to spend some bucks to restore it to its former splendor.  As for the
railroad - there is no Central RR of Virginia (unless someone has
incorporated so industrial shortline somwhere).  This is just someone's
fanciful imagination.

  There was a Virginia Central - the line from Richmond to Clifton Forge -
which was a predescessor to the C&O.  Jack Showalter tried to run an
excurssion train also called the Virginia Central over that line that, but
it was not successful.  Jack was using his equipment that he formerly ran
out of Covington, Virginia on the C&O Hot Springs branch.  I believe he has
relocated most of his equipment to the Cumberland Maryland for possible
operation on the Western Maryland Scenic RR.

  If you can, go back to the car and try to determine the original railroad
owner by looking at the trucks.  The railroad reporting marks (N&W, C&O,
VGN, PRR, etc.) of the original owner should be cast into the trucks.

  Jerry Kay

  Portsmouth, Virginia

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    I recently came across this passenger car. I've never heard of the line
or can I find out much on the internet eather. I'm curious to know more
about the line & this car. I don't know if it is of any historical value
    I've attatched a few of the pictures I took about a month ago.

    Ron Wilkinson
    Member N&W Historical
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