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Hi Gary, I would imagine that you neighbor is referring to the steam excursions that NS Corp. and its predecessors (in your case, the Southern RR which ran through Brandy Station), used to operate.  He could have seen Southern 2-8-2 #4501, 2-8-0's 630, & 722, former T&P 2-10-4 #610, former C&O 2-8-4 #2716, a Canadian 4-6-4 (whose number escapes me), and of course, N&W 611 & 1218.  

As you are probably aware, NS is out of the steam excursion business. While there is a possibility (a very, very, very slim possibility) that some private organization could lease equipment and charter an excursion along that line, it is highly doubtful.  As I said, NS is out of the excursion business and they are not inclined to tie up their mainlines with non-revenue traffic.  Furthermore, the insurance cost and the potential for lawsuits in the event of an accident (see the posts about the 611 wreck in the Dismal Swamp) has made it next to impossible to run an excursion on NS.

Jerry Kay
Portsmouth, Virginia

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> I live about a block from the Norfolk Southern tracks at Brandy 
> Station, VA. The other day a neighbor told me that at a certain time of 
> the year "old engines go by." Does anyone know what he's talking about? 
> Thanks. 
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