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Gary is correct.  The coaling station was near to my father in law's house, but it wasn't on his side of the tracks.  He'd dug all over the place and said he's never encounted the first piece of coal.  I asked him about it years ago.  As for the rest of it, there is a huge chunk on concrete in Mr. Bill Schermer's back yard that was part of it.  The rest of it is now buried by the apartment complex owned by Mr. Howard Parks and the Atkins Elementary School.  The other footers are either buried or gone, because Gary discovered this about ten years ago and I investigated it then, gave him my report, and no, no old timers are left who worked there that I can find!  A+++++!
Ben Blevins

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Abe, the Paul Carelton book,"Memories of N&W Steam, shows an excellent photo of the coaling station at Atkins, It's just an earshot from Bennigans father-in-law. Gary Price

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