J's with aux water tender?

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Just as an additional note, all fourteen Js had the tenders modified 
after the arrival of leased diesels to accept auxilliary tanks, it 
would be conceivable that they could have been used in passenger 
service as they continued to see passenger service when traffic levels 
were high, or the leased diesels had mechanical problems. I've never 
seen any evidence of that use of course,  nor any reason to do so. The 
water plugs were strategically placed to refill the tanks during 
station stops (for the most part). I would imagine the economy of the 
extra coal consumed vs. the additional weight vs schedule probably 
readily determined the lack of need.

Ken Miller

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> Regarding auxiliary tanks behind the J’s, these were only used when 
> the J’s were in freight service in the late 1950’s.
> Gary Rolih, Cincinnati
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