Jordan spreader in missouri in 1970's ?

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If I'm not mistaken, there was an MKT track that slipped past a triangular tavern near Broadway and entered the west end of Luther Yard. The Katy also had a yard nearby.

Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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       Thanks for the Luther info. !!   Besides the TRRA making deliveries to Luther Yard, and the BN transfers crossing Hall Street, do you know what other railroad might have made transfers with the N&W in the ' 70's to Luther ?    

    And,  this ones been on my mind for awhile: what would a list of all the cars in a specific train be called, a wheel report ?  and would a record of  each train be kept for awhile, then discarded ?        What I'm trying to figure out is what the freight cars in trains across the St. Louis District would have been in the  ' 70's.  I know that a regular TOFC train ran most days that was NW1 west bound. But I'm still interested in finding out what some of the other trains consisted of : were there regular blocks of covered hoppers going to..? was there a block of auto parts cars in train ( x ) info like that. 
   Thanks again, Ken Rees


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