Bristol Line trains--number please...

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Listen for a train number if you have a scanner. Then we can determine power
plant or Norfolk destination. If this is recent, it could be a 'reroute' due
to flood damage in NC. Just a thought. Even if the NC line is open, they may
reroute for MOW time like they do with the N&W through Christiansburg when
they need MOW time on the VGN.
Charlie as in Long
Lynchburg, VA

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Hello all,
I have observed a train that comes through on the Bristol Line almost at
random.  It could be on Tuesday, or the next week on Thursday, or even on
Sunday night.  It is a coal drag headed EAST, and that buffalo's me.  Not
only that, but it always has pushers on it.  Can anybody tell me what this
train is?
Ben Blevins


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