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Please advise those of us members that live out of state what we might do to
help. I live in West Palm Beach, Florida & still picking up the pieces here.
However if some additional donations are needed or whatever we can do from
here let us know.
Just a side note: My collection is ok
Ron Wilkinson
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> When the remnants of hurricane Frances reached Roanoke, they dropped over
> inches of rain in less than a day's time.
> The deluge was more than the flat roof of the Archives building could
> handle. The floor of the front two sections of the Archives was soaked in
> 1/2 inch of water. Some material stored in boxes on the floor has been
> soaked. Jim Gillum discovered the intrusion late Wednesday morning during
> the peak of the downpour. Additionally, 4 inches of water had infiltrated
> the basement of the building next door where additional material was
> Archives volunteers have vacuumed the water from the main Archives
> building. They are now going through the wet boxes, trying to save and dry
> out whatever was stored in them. The basement has been pumped out and the
> material stored there moved to another dryer building, a move that was
> already planned.
> Damage to the collection is still being assessed.
> Stay tuned.
> Ron Davis
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