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The one diner did end up in Maine.  A club I am a member of looked into 
buying it and another N&W passenger car as a possible home for our 
layout.  The problem  was that the condition of the cars was so bad that 
they would have fallen apart if moved, this was in the mid 1980's.  The 
sides still looked good from the pictures that I saw.


Kurt S. Kramke MMR

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> No diner named Powhatan, but there was a heavyweight Pullman that 
> carried that name (not in N&W ownership, however). N&W had two 
> lightweight diners that were lettered for The Powhatan Arrow (491 & 
> 492), but neither was so lettered by 1971, when passenger service 
> ended. One of them was converted to a dorm car, and the other, I think 
> ended up somewhare in Maine.   Jim Nichols
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>> Did the N&W have a diner named Powhatan?  If not does anyone know who
>> did.  This diner eventually ended up on Royal American Shows train.
>> Larry Smith
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