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Hi Everybody:

I got a note back from Jim Hediger (my editor on the article) in response to my feedback as to the errors that crept into the article, as well as not seeing a 'final proof' copy myself for checking it out.  He apologized for his reply being late, as he had 2000+ emails to go through when he got back to work!

Jim went in for foot surgery on 8/11, and was out for the three weeks during which the article was finalized by other staff.  He had planned to send me a copy to proof, but that didn't happen.  The extra five Arrow cars in the Welch diagram are still a mystery; they weren't there in the last layout he saw.  Someone apparently wanted to make the Arrows more like the trains in the Williamson diagrams.  Of course, the differences were the point of that segment!

Jim noted that this sort of article is always the toughest to do because of the number of details, but that he enjoys working on this kind of project and is quite happy with the finished article.

Anyway, my complaint about not seeing a proof copy appears to be an artifact more of his illness than of any general MR modus operandi.  Same with the extra Arrow cars.  As this was my first article in MR (although I have had a couple in MRP), I couldn't tell whether this was a specific case or a general rule.  Since I mentioned the problems here, I thought I should let you know that Jim's illness was apparently the complicating circumstance.

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