Going on Vacation??

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Tue Aug 31 22:34:05 EDT 2004


To stop delivery of mailing list message while you are on vacation, you'll 
want to set the option "Mail Delivery" to "Disabled".

When you return, you can reset  "Mail Delivery" to "Enabled" to restart the 

You can reach the mail options page by going to 


At 02:54 PM 8/31/2004, you wrote:
>Do I understand correctly if one is going to be off-line for several 
>weeks, i.e. vacation, you have to [Unsubscribe] from the NW mailing 
>list?  If this isn't correct where on the individual members personal 
>sheet do you put a hold on receiving the mailing list for a given length 
>of time?
>Many thanks,

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