November 13 (or any other November Saturday) train night at Boyce, VA - NS MP H46.1

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Thu Aug 5 03:01:19 EDT 2004

Hello, Nick:

I'm willing to host train night at Boyce station on
November 13, or any other Saturday night that month. 
I may be able to provide an InFocus projector and
laptop, and have a screen, television, and VHS VCR.  I
have a Kodak Carosel projector that takes either style
of tray (the regular and the larger capacity) but I
haven't tried it in a while.  I'd prefer someone who
has a known-to-be-operable slide projector bring there
just in case.

Peter Furnee has a multimedia presentation that he may
be able to show as a featured event.  There also ought
to be ATCS monitoring of the Hagerstown District by
then, so instead of just looking at northbound signal
460, train movements along the line should be visible
on a computer monitor track chart.  Technical support
by Peter and George Paine have made this possible.

I'd recommend a late afternoon start for anyone who
wants to show up early.  As before, there will be hot
dogs and burgers on a grill starting at 6 PM.  Shows
inside can begin at dark.

The former N&W station in Boyce is at milepost H46.1. 
Visitors will come to Boyce via US Highway 340.  At
the blinker light, please turn east and go 300 yards
to the railroad crossing on East Main Street, Virginia
route 723.  Please park between Main Street and the
station, but preferably a little away from the track
in case someone desires to take pictures.

Hope to see you and others in Boyce for November!  In
the meantime, please let me know if you need other
information.  My contact information is at the bottom
of this message.

Best wishes,


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Subject: Train Night schedule for remainder of 2004 
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 23:04:23 -0400

All -
Have had some mail issues with my home computer since
my return from the Midwest - don't have easy access to
the Train Night scheduling e-mails that I had filed in
anticipation of completing the schedule for the rest
of the year.  If you're receiving this, I have some
recollection of your requesting to host or if dates
were available.
If we had discussed a maybe or tentative Train Night,
please advise.  Will need to know especially if anyone
had requested August, as the announcement needs to go
out soon - if no, we'll schedule the default location
in Manassas.  I anticipate being away for October,
Columbus (in the Dakotas/Montana), so if you want the
regular date in that month, you'll have to arrange for
a projector and screen - if you go with the one week
early date, I will be able to bring mine along.
Here's the list - 
August 14 - open

September 11 - open

October 2 or 9 - open (the regular date is during
Columbus Day weekend is the 9th - a 3 day weekend for

November 13 - open

December 11 - open
Thanks - 

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