Bristol Line Pole line removal

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Sun Jun 20 21:12:22 EDT 2004

Ben et al,

Railroads usually use scrappers ("contractors") to do this work.  The terms 
are usually "you can have anything you get, but you gotta cut the poles off at 
the ground."  On track, there is a good deal of salvage value from the rail, 
angle bars, plates and spikes, so there is a bidding process and the railroad 
realizes some $$$ from the process.  However, on pole line there is very little 
value, so railroads usually end up giving the stuff away.  (That wire ain't 
copper, you know... it's "CopperClad," which means steel coated with copper."  
And I don't see how anyone turns a buck on the deal, given the cost of taking 
it down, rolling it up and hauling it away.)

-- abramoschevitz
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