Double Stacks on the Pocahontas Division

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Sun Jun 20 17:50:54 EDT 2004

CConrail did not enlarge the Detroit River Tunnel.  Tunnel was sold to the 
CN/CP and CP paid for the enlargment of the westbound tube.  This track 
will take international double stack but not domestic, they ar e bigger.
   What really hurt the carfloat operation was the UNFAIR harbor tax 
imposed on the railroad  which struck down by the court a few years 
ago.,  A loaded car float paid more in tax than a loaded coal boat since 
the tax was on the value of the cargo.
   In the DRT the top was shaved off as well as the floor lowered.  Don't 
forget this tunnel was build od steel on dry land and floated into 
position, sunk than concreted so you could only take out so much concrete.
      K. Borg

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