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I have now seen the article in Classic Trains, and would add class B46,
N&W series 224800-224901, which are double door cars originally built by
Illinois Car in 1924, and shown as receiving "heavy repairs" in 1945.
The 1973 Guide shows only one car left in this series, and only one car
left in the 204300 series (which were single door cars.)  Jim Nichols

I haven't seen the article in Classic Trains, so can't be sure; but my
guess is
that the cars in question became N&W class B29, series 204300-204399,
built bt
Illinois Car in 1924, and given "heavy repairs" in 1947. The original
NKP series
was 25000-25099. This information is from the N&W Equipment Guide, dated
Jan. 1,
1973.     Jim Nichols

N&W Mailing List wrote:

 > Latest (recent) issue of Classic Trains has an article on post-war
 > rebuilding by NKP of their wooden side boxcars to steel sides. It has some
 > very nice pictures.
 > Did any of these make it to the N&W? I didn't see any in Jim's equipment 
 > Charlie Long
 > Lynchburg 

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