NKP box rebuild

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Sat Jun 19 22:47:48 EDT 2004

I haven't seen the article in Classic Trains, so can't be sure; but my guess is
that the cars in question became N&W class B29, series 204300-204399, built bt
Illinois Car in 1924, and given "heavy repairs" in 1947. The original NKP 
was 25000-25099. This information is from the N&W Equipment Guide, dated 
Jan. 1,
1973.     Jim Nichols

N&W Mailing List wrote:

 > Latest (recent) issue of Classic Trains has an article on post-war
 > rebuilding by NKP of their wooden side boxcars to steel sides. It has some
 > very nice pictures.
 > Did any of these make it to the N&W? I didn't see any in Jim's equipment 
 > Charlie Long
 > Lynchburg

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