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I don't have the data for the freight car fleet after 1964.  It is all at 
the archives and I have paged through some of it enough to say that after 
the merger, N&W kept separate records of the various fleets.  That is, 
there is a separate listing for NKP equipment, Wabash, etc.

The article in Classic Trains about the rebuilding of these cars is very 
interesting.  Since the rebuilding took place in the mid-40's, it is 
possible that some of these cars made it to the merger.  This is only a 
guess on my part.

I might add, for those who model in HO scale, that Sunshine Models offers a 
resin kit of the NKP rebuild boxcar, as well as kits for rebuilds of NYC, 
C&O and L&N boxcars.

Hope this helps.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood, MD

 > Latest (recent) issue of Classic Trains has an article on post-war
 > rebuilding by NKP of their wooden side boxcars to steel sides. It has some
 > very nice pictures.
 > Did any of these make it to the N&W? I didn't see any in Jim's equipment 
 > Charlie Long
 > Lynchburg

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